SM Korže, Dr. Danilo (2467)


Dr. Danilo Korže was born in 1965 in the second biggest city in Slovenia called Maribor. He is married and father of two children - daughter Vanesa and son Tobias.

He works in the University of Maribor as university assistant professor.

Danilo started to play OTB chess as a child. He had a small break during the education. At the moment he's the president of the OTB chess team ŠD Hoče. They play in the first league of Slovenian chess federation.

During the army time he played his first correspondence chess game in year 1984/85 over postcards. In year 1997 he started to play more intense, first over e-mails and later over the web server.

Danilo Korže obtained one GM norm in the ICCF Olympiad 17 Preliminaries. He owns SM title and has won the master norm tournament  EM/MN/075.

He is currently president of Slovenian correspondence chess federation, chess referee and TD on ICCF server. He's also the organiser of the event  Slovenia's 15 years membership of ICCF and the event Slav Cup III.


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