GM Pauwels, Christophe (2551)

Christophe Pauwels is 37 years old and married with two children. His father taughts him to play chess at the age of 12.

Around the age of 13, he started attending a chess club near his home before joining the chess club of Nivelles in 1990.

In that club, one day, a player told him about correspondence chess. Driven by curiosity, he entered a small tournament (the organization was called WCCF: World Correspondence Chess Federation) that he won and that made him want to pursue. The organization WCCF being in agony, so he turned to the Belgian Federation and after that to ICCF.

Today, he no longer plays OTB chess except during club competitions. His best result in individual tournament was third place in the regional championship of Brabant (5.5 / 7) fifteen years ago. Also note that he maded a draw against GMI Mikhail Gurevich (one of the second of Kasparov during that period) in a simultaneous match. The stress of competition and family life made him prefers the correspondence chess.

Awards / Best results by correspondence

- Winner of the tournament · EU / M / GT 462
- 2001: Belgian Champion
- 2002: 2nd in the tournament EM/MN/020 Standard International Master
- 2003: 2nd in the tournament EU/MSN/VI/53 International Master title
- 2004: Winner of the tournament EM/GMN/003 International Grandmaster Norm
- 2005: Winner (after 9 years of playing!) Tournament on the theme TT1/96/2 2 Knights Defense (C58-C59)
- 2006: Norm of International Grandmaster in the tournament Interzonal 2004
- 2006: Norm of International Grandmaster in the Champions League ICCF-CL/0406/B2-1
- 2006: Winner of the tournament KO 13, Belgian Cup
- 2009: Norm of International Grandmaster in the Memorial Sergey Korolev (2nd place)
- 2009: Norm and title of International Grandmaster in tournament EU/FSM/65  Webserver Final (European Champion).


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